Banks play a particularly important role in driving economic growth, and Citi takes this responsibility very seriously. As society faces new and pressing challenges like climate change and rapid urbanization, we know we must innovate and provide new solutions that matter today.

Our Approach

In 2015, Citi created a new Mission and Value Proposition that reaffirms our focus on serving clients by responsibly providing financial services that enable growth and economic progress.

Strong citizenship practices, a focus on culture and environmental, social and governance performance make us a stronger and more sustainable company in the long term. To learn more about our Citizenship Strategy, governance structures and reporting practices, download our 2015 Strategy Fact sheet.

Our Citizenship Strategy prioritizes the areas where we can have the greatest impact and influence:

Our Citizenship Strategy

We embed Citizenship into our core business and collaborate with partners to expand our reach and scale to enable growth and progress for society.

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Citizenship Strategy Infographic

We manage our citizenship activities in a structured, strategic way, keep our stakeholders involved and informed and measure our progress. For details on Citi's performance against our Citizenship Strategy, download our Citizenship Performance Summary.


We are committed to continuous improvement in our citizenship approach and reporting. We regularly review and assess our priorities to align them to what is most critical to our business and to our stakeholders. In 2015, we conducted a materiality assessment with a third-party consultancy covering environmental, social and governance issues. Our materiality assessment process informed our 2015 report, which aligns our most material topics under our eight central citizenship issues, listed above.

In 2016, we will build on insights from this analysis to further refine our Citizenship Strategy based on stakeholder expectations and business priorities.

For more information about our 2015 materiality assessment and to view the materiality matrix, download our 2015 Strategy Fact sheet.

Stakeholder Engagement

In developing our Citizenship Strategy, we regularly engage stakeholders through formal processes such as the materiality assessment, as well as one-on-one discussions to consider the issues and determine how we can contribute.

Clients and customers

How We Engage

  • Meetings with key clients
  • Social media: Customer Service Twitter handles: @AskCiti in the United States and @contactBanamex in Mexico
  • Application of Equator Principles and our Environmental and Social Risk Management Policy to client transactions
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Cooperative participation in sustainability organizations

Examples of Engagement in 2015

  • Met with our seafood industry clients and discussed their progress toward eradicating human rights abuses in their supply chains.
  • Engaged directly with all Citi clients in the palm oil and shale oil sectors and met with key palm oil clients in person to discuss industry risks and best practices
  • Engaged customers through social media and tracked customer satisfaction through the Net Promoter Score system. Ranked first or second in industry rankings for Retail Bank or Credit Cards in 15 of our 19 markets

Investors and socially responsible investors (SRIs)

How We Engage

  • In-person meetings, conference calls, events
  • Investor Relations website and email
  • Annual Report, Proxy Statement, SEC filings

Examples of Engagement in 2015

  • Met with socially responsible investors to discuss corporate governance, data privacy, ethics and conduct, climate change and environmental and social risks
  • Citi's Investor Relations department regularly engages with investors on our company's financial and operational performance
  • Members of the Board, senior management, and the Legal department engaged with investors, including socially responsible investors


How We Engage

  • Communications via our company intranet, email, mail
  • Voice of the Employee Survey
  • Trainings (in person and online)
  • Participation in employee networks, volunteer councils and green teams
  • Performance reviews

Examples of Engagement in 2015

  • 87% of employees participated in our annual Voice of the Employee Survey and overall satisfaction levels increase to 76%
  • Delivered ethics and leadership training to approximately 35,000 employees globally
  • More than 80,000 employees and friends participated in 1,200+ events across 93 countries and territories and 487 cities for Global Community Day
  • 15,000 employees participate in 121 employee networks and an additional 4,000 participate in 25 green teams globally

Government and regulators

How We Engage

  • Interact with elected officials, policymakers, and regulators through in-person meetings, conference calls, lobbying activities, industry associations, public policy forums, press conferences, conferences and convenings
  • Senior Citi executives serve on government councils and committees

Examples of Engagement in 2015

  • Participate on the Economic Inclusion Committee of the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the U.S. President's Council on Financial Capability for Young Americans
  • Collaborated with mayors across the United States to highlight summer job opportunities, including the Citi Foundation's Summer Jobs Connect program
  • Engaged with regulators and policymakers on issues related to financial inclusion at the Asia Pacific Financial Inclusion Summit in Manila, Philippines and the Responsible Finance Forum in Antalya, Turkey
  • Partnered with the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and the Corporation for Enterprise Development to publish What It's Worth: Strengthening the Financial Future of Families, Communities and the Nation, a book on why household financial health matters to the U.S. economy
  • Board members and senior management engage regularly with government and regulators


How We Engage

  • In-person meetings, calls, conferences and workshops
  • Corporate Responsibility Questionnaire (CRQ)

Examples of Engagement in 2015

  • Piloted the CRQ in Malaysia and Australia in our Asia Pacific (APAC) region and in Ireland in our Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region, and 75 suppliers completed it
  • Hosted a Sustainability workshop in partnership with the New York New Jersey Minority Supplier Development Council, which included more than 60 suppliers

Community leaders and nongovernmental organizations

How We Engage

  • In-person meetings, conference calls, email, social media, events
  • Community Development website
  • Collaboration with NGOs on issues relevant to their organizations and our business

Examples of Engagement in 2015

  • With Ceres, a nonprofit advocate for sustainability leadership, convened 17 external stakeholders and internal business leaders to discuss the positive impacts of our $100 Billion Environmental Finance Goal
  • Engaged community leaders and NGOs at events including our Partners in Progress and Pathways to Progress convenings
  • Continued to serve as a founding member of the Asset Building Policy Network (ABPN), a coalition of the United States' leading civil rights and advocacy organizations committed to coordinating savings, asset-building policy and advocacy at a national level


How We Engage

  • Citi's Public Affairs department engage with media through interviews, press releases, social media, reports and forums

Examples of Engagement in 2015

  • Citi executives participate in interviews with global press on topics of interest for our diverse set of stakeholders

Other financial institutions

How We Engage

  • In-person meetings, conference calls
  • Engagement through industry groups, roundtables, workshops and events

Examples of Engagement in 2015

  • Presented Citi's approach to creating sustainable access to energy to Indonesian banks at the kick-off ceremony of the Indonesian Financial Authority's pilot project on sustainable finance in Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Jointly organized a workshop in Sao Paulo, Brazil with the Rainforest Alliance for local Brazilian banks that addressed how financial institution can limit deforestation in supply chains through sustainable finance
  • Joined the Natural Capital Declaration (NCD) to work with other financial institutions to understand the impacts of natural capital on our sector; took a leadership role by serving as vice chair on an NCD project to incorporate valuation tools into drought scenarios
  • Collaborated with Bloomberg for Global Community Day in New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong and London