We incorporate sustainability principles into everything we do to help ensure business success, improve our operations and contribute to a strong global economy.

What's happening?

The world is challenged by current and potential impacts of climate change, resource scarcity, ecosystem degradation and rapid urbanization. The way businesses conduct themselves can significantly affect the sustainability of our global economy, the natural environment and community progress. Businesses must provide greater transparency and accountability for their actions.

What Citi is doing

Environmental and social progress are crucial to our world, now and for future generations. We understand the effect of these issues on our business, clients, stakeholders and the global economy. To create value for our company and future generations, our Sustainable Progress Strategy focuses on environmental finance, environmental and social risk management (ESRM), and operations and supply chain.

What's ahead?

To learn more about Sustainability at Citi, download our 2015 Fact sheet.

What Citi is doing

Environmental Finance

Shannon Wind Farm in Texas

In 2015, Citi provided construction financing, tax equity and the commodity hedge to affiliates of Alterra Power Corporation and Starwood Energy Group Global, LLC, to finance the Shannon Wind Project, a 204-megawatt wind facility in Texas. Citi and other banks provided a $287 million construction loan facility. Subsidiaries of Citi and BHE Renewables provided $219 million of tax equity financing, proceeds of which were used to retire the project's construction loan facility. Under a long-term power purchase agreement between Facebook and Citi, the project will provide 100% of power for the foreseeable future for Facebook's newest data center in Fort Worth, Texas.

Geothermal Renewable Energy Project Moves Forward In Iceland

In December 2015, Citi arranged $68.2 million in financing for Landsvirkjun's (LV) 90-megawatt (MW) geothermal project in Iceland. LV is a leader in renewable energy, with a 100 percent renewable energy generation portfolio, and is developing a geothermal power plant with two 45MW turbines in Theistareykir, Iceland, scheduled to commence operations in 2017 and 2018. This is the first geothermal project constructed by LV and the largest in their portfolio. The project abides by strict environmental guidelines and uses best environmental practices.

Barbados Plans for Smart Water Meters

In June 2015, we closed a $67.9 million, 12-year term loan for the government of Barbados for a smart water project. The financing will allow the Barbados Water Authority to implement automatic water meter reading systems, develop and install an integrated management information system and provide maintenance services related to such systems. Approximately 100,000 smart water meters will be installed throughout the island, helping to address the country's water scarcity issue.

Environmental and Social Risk Management

Mitigating Risks to Critical Habitat

We were approached for financing by a company constructing a 200-megawatt (MW) wind farm in the United States. Our due diligence and environmental assessment showed the $333 million project would be located in the migration corridor for an endangered bird species. We confirmed the client was cooperating with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to conduct all necessary risk assessments and mitigation plans to minimize risk to the birds. Our financial analysis demonstrated the project would still generate sufficient revenue to service the loan even if the facility needed to shut down during the migration period to protect the birds. Given the strength of the project's environmental risk assessment and the bird conservation and monitoring plans, we approved the loan, confident the client had appropriately managed potential environmental risks.

Operations and Supply Chain

Generating Solar Energy In Chennai

In 2015, to support Citi's global commitment to environmental sustainability, Citi India installed solar panels on the rooftop of its Club House Road office in Chennai. This is the first Citi Realty Services managed location to make such an installation on Citi's premises and harnesses the power of renewable energy for our operations. A total of 168 photovoltaic solar panels – which convert solar energy directly into electricity – were installed in the fourth quarter of last year and the panels began generating electricity in January 2016. The clean energy units are expected to generate a minimum of 60,000 kilowatt-hour in energy annually, or approximately three percent of the building's annual electricity consumption, and eliminates 55 tons of carbon dioxide emission per year.

Improving our Supply Chain in Mexico

Citibanamex, our Mexico subsidiary, piloted Citi's growing Corporate Responsibility Questionnaire (CRQ) program. In 2013, Citibanamex rolled out the CRQ to our top 100 suppliers in Mexico and created the template for the questionnaire's global circulation. In 2014, they repeated the rollout and achieved a 60% response rate. As of August 2015, our Enterprise Supply Chain organization in Mexico includes the CRQ in all new electronic requests for proposals and quotations. As a result, 146 suppliers have been invited to 24 electronic bids containing the CRQ. Scores below 70 will be flagged for review, and in 2016 we will conduct feedback meetings with suppliers who scored in the lower percentiles as part of our effort to help companies improve their ESG performance and CRQ scores. Suppliers who fail to improve their scores or make corrections will be reassessed as part of a third party management review and governance process.

In 2015, we launched a five-year Sustainable Progress Strategy for environmental finance, environmental and social risk management (ESRM) and operations and supply chain.

$47.6 Billion

We helped raise and direct an additional $47.6 billion toward our toward our $100 Billion Environmental Finance Goal in 2015, bringing our total to $71.2 billion.

Our progress

$100 Billion Environmental Finance Goal

In 2015, we announced our goal to lend, invest and facilitate $100 billion over 10 years to activities that create social and environmental solutions.

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Sustainable Progress Infographic

For more details on Citi’s performance against our Citizenship Strategy, download our Citizenship Performance Summary.

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